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If you’re looking for a nursing or midwifery job in NSW, do you realise you only have to click on the Jobs tab  (at far right) on our grey menu bar  at the top of this page for a list of current jobs through Career One?

Nurse Uncut – we’re here to help 🙂


  1. Another tactic is get a nurse in the RCA process and they cannot be employed, extend the job criteria for applicants to that which a professor would hold… If you’re unsuccessful, ‘we don’t have to get back to you’ clause and then there is the new human resource risk register. You may not have done anything wrong but it skews the stats as to actual applicants and justifies ambiguously why you cannot be considered for a position and your name is flagged for future positions…

  2. Did you all see the Current Affair TV show the other night?
    In WA, New Grad unemployment has been assessed at 90%! Other states were quoted in terms of hundreds of unemployed New Grads … and this is only the stats for New Grads. The issue of unemployment in senior Nursing Staff is even worse.

  3. I would like to ask how old to you have to be to work and also how many hours a day? I want to be a nurse and do courses for that subject so I can work in a children’s hospital, but lots of people are saying it’s too hard to work as a nurse because lots of people are getting unemployed. thas what scaring me at the moment because I woke up and I always say to myself my dream job is to work as a nurse but lots of people are unlucky but I hope am lucky enough to work as a nurse
    thanks, latifa


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