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Today we have a question about further education for a nurse who wants to follow a specific career path. Please help her out with advice.

Elizabeth asks: I am a registered nurse in Brisbane who has been working in the perioperative setting for nearly 4 years. I am wanting to do further study and achieve my Masters Of Nursing.  Eventually in my career, I wish to become a NUM or educator or Director of Nursing in the division of surgery.


I was wondering if anyone had any advice on which Masters course to complete in order to meet my goals, ie: Masters of Clinical Nursing or  Masters of Health Management etc and any advice on which universities in Australia are good. I will be working fulltime and studying fulltime externally or online. Any suggestions would be fantastic!

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  1. You need to tailor your Masters to suit your goals and the two goals you have chosen are too diverse to make a recommendation. If you want to be a DON, you should maybe do a Masters of Nursing/Healthcare Administration or, even better, a Masters of Business Administration (far more transferable and desirable to potential employers in all areas of business). If you want to be an educator, then a Masters in your speciality. Be very wary of doing a Masters of Education, as some hospitals don’t recognise them and some universities too if you want to teach in the Bachelor program. Most, in fact all the people I know that are either NUMs, DONs or educators only have one postgraduate certificate in their area of speciality and rose to their positions by simply applying for them when they came up: no special requirements and little competition.


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