Mental health nurse Margaret: 7 marathons in 7 days to protect children


Margaret Melkie is a Sydney mental health nurse taking a stand against child sexual assault. In a couple of months time she’ll attempt to run seven marathons in seven states in seven days to raise $10,000 for the Bravehearts 777.

The 38-year-old will cover almost 300 kilometres between June 27-July 3 across Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra, Kingscliff and the Gold Coast to raise funds and awareness to help national child protection advocate Bravehearts.

Scroll down for details of Margaret’s inaugural fundraising gala in Cronulla on Saturday May 28.

Margaret Melke

Photo credit: John Appleyard, Inner West Courier

Margaret has a personal connection to this issue. Two years ago she wrote a letter of support to Kevin Whitley, acknowledging his bravery as a whistleblower in the cases against convicted paedophile Philip William Doyle. The man who assaulted Kevin was Margaret’s uncle. She says she was motivated to do the 777 by Kevin, who will join her for the final marathon on the Gold Coast.

Contribute to Margaret’s marathon fundraising here.

Margaret told the Telegraph: “I work in adult treatment and the acronym CSA appears frequently in my patients’ histories.

“I am running this event inspired by Kevin Whitley, but I am also running for the countless patients who have touched my life and showed me the resilience and bravery of survival and who have trusted me with their stories. I am running for my dear friends who are amazing survivors and inspire me every day.

“And I am running for my two children aged 11 and one — I want to teach them that it doesn’t matter what the scenario, silence only protects the perpetrator.”

Below are the details of Margaret’s team fundraising gala in Cronulla on May 28. Download the flyer here: 1 in 5 flyer

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