NEW CONTEST: What does being Australian mean to you?


It’s Australia Day on the 26th of January. To celebrate this very special day, we at Nurse Uncut would like to know:

Australia Day contest

What does being Australian mean to you?

Australia is such a diverse society now, it would be interesting toread people’s take on this.

Tell us what you think by leaving a comment on this contest post. Your entry gets a chance to win you either a:

australia day contest prizes

Calvin Klein One for men (RRP: $89.00) or Samsara Eau de Toilette (100ml) by Guerlain for Women (RRP: $120.00).

The winner also gets the chance to be featured here at Nurse Uncut (optional).

Other prizes:

Pat Staunton Nursing and the law

The other entries will be get a chance to win copies of Pat Staunton’s very popular book “Nursing and the Law” (RRP: $68.95). Big thanks to Elsevier for donating the book prizes to Nurse Uncut.


  1. The Australia Day contest will run from now (January 21st) till 31st of January, Sunday. The contest will close at 11.59pm, Sydney time of the 31st.
  2. This contest is only valid for Australians whether you’re living in Australia or overseas. If you live overseas, you must provide a local Australian address that we can post the prize to if you win.
  3. One entry per person.
  4. The grand prize winner will be selected by the Nurse Uncut members through a voting process which will occur on 1st of February.
  5. The other prizes (the books) will be selected via a random draw.
  6. Winners be announced on 3 Feb, Wednesday.

Good luck!

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  1. Australia the freedom Being Australian means Barbecues and hot summer days, swimming pools and thongs. It means a Gday mate and howzit going.We can’t forget the cricket and beer the beautiful beaches but don’t forget our dangerous funnel web spiders, blue bottles, crocs and redbacks. God i love being Australian.

  2. What being an Aussie means to me Being aussie means to me…having the right to use our slang, bbq’s, lamingtons plus pavlova, a good ol’ meat pie with tomato sauce, the beach, being able to say g’day mate the way it’s suppose to be said, eating vegemite without a sour look on my face, wear thongs as an all rounder outfit for the feet, being able to have people like steve irwin and it be ok(crikey mate), hitting a roo and say bloody hell look at that dint in my car, driving on the wrong side of the road and it be the law,eating the national emblem and after it say “mate that was beautiful”, spending time with your family because there as crazy as your mates…but most of all being able to mix like a fruit salad when it comes to multiculturalism and givin’ everyone a fair go!

  3. Oh YES Australia to ME… Polly The Smell of the rain .
    The sounds of the bush
    The caress of the breeze on a hot summers night
    The rush of a waterfall
    The laughter of your grandchild
    The sounds of your mothers voice on the phone
    The sucsess of your children
    The laughter of friends and the tears in thier eyes
    The gathering of love at the family table
    The view from the Bridge and the Three Sisters
    The birth of an Elephant
    The sting of a mozzie
    The taste of a pie and a good cold beer
    The shake of a hand and a pat on the back
    The gathering of team mates……BD , PRN, Mane, and Nocte

  4. Submission from dhenry A new member submitted this but posted it in an other page see so as Editor, I transferred it here:

    dhenry says:

    Receiving my Australian citizenship this past Australia Day, I can say that being an Australian is a life’s dream realised. Ever since I was a child I wanted to be an Australian. Everything I liked had an Australian link … Bands, singers, actors and movies. I always felt pulled to Australia and knew that I would not be happy until I was here, It is the same pull that John Williamson sings about in ‘This is Australia calling’. I would die for thid country and my fellow country men and women and I would fight to preserve our way of life. In Australia relationships run deeper, people look after one another and the gap between the haves and the have nots is minimised under socialist government. Over the past seven years I have learned to play as hard as I work, and have enjoyed seeing lots of the countryside, I am bloody proud to be an Australian! We are a blessed country yet are humble, we are a land of contradictions, we are a sturdy, adaptable people. We help where needed and have big hearts. We barrack for the underdog and give all a fair go. Australia is a country where one can accomplish anything and everything they set their mind to if only they are willing to put in the hard yards. God Bless this great land and her beautiful people … this is my home and my family! This is what being Australian means to me, it also means being moved so deeply that words cannot express what is felt and the tears are tears of joy! Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!

  5. Land Of Tolerance…. Being Australian is about being proud to say just that, “I AM AUSTRALIAN”. And in being Australian, I welcome those from other cultures who wish to embrace the Australian lifestyle. I treat others as I would wish to be treated.
    Being Australian means appreciating my freedom, never taking anything for granted and being able to make a difference in my society by choice. Being in Lions Club International is just one way I do that.
    The other way is to LOOK AFTER OUR OLDER AUSTRALIANS. To help anyone and everyone we can as many older Australians have served their country through thick and then; I am very honoured to serve and I am very proud to be Australian.

  6. Re Contest:what does being Australian mean to you I enjoyed reading all the entries ,and definitely agree with all being said.The only regret I had is not entering the contest because I was to busy enjoying the Australia Day festivities(beach,lamingtons,barbie,fireworks!) And those prizes…favourite perfumes and that great for book.That will teach me not to neglect this space!!!

  7. To the winners Congratulatons to the winners,well done! If in the future you would like to donate that book after reading,I would be happy to relieve you of it.Many thanks

  8. Being asked what does it mean to me makes me think about how blessed I am to live in a country where I can enjoy the standard of living that most of the world’s population can only hope for.

    Where the free economy means I can work towards making my dreams a reality.

    Where my kids can have access to a great education.

    Where I can be grateful that my grandfather was able to survive the Gallipoli landing and make me proud to call him an ANZAC.

    Where Dad came home from WW2 and taught me to appreciate living in Australia, enjoy the privilege of freedom and pride in flying our nation’s flag.

    Australia is a country where politics can divide us and disasters can unite us (and we have the freedom to choose which one does what).

    Cheers Rich


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