New Jobs for 2011!


Nurses in NSW have fought hard for desperately needed nurse-to-patient ratios, which have now been delivered via set nursing hours per patient day. New funding is available for 1,400 more nurses and midwives to join NSW public health over the next two years.

It means there will be better working conditions and more nurses and midwives in our hospitals – a key ingredient to better patient care.

It’s a great time to go into nursing in NSW, or to come back to it. There are hundreds of new positions available right now!

To find out about adout jobs which are being offered in the first tranche of ward conversions, click here, or go to

Once there, enter “Nursing” for categories and the appropriate LHD for entities, then hit the Search button.

You can also click on the LHDs here to go to the appropriate search page.

Image credit: NSWNA

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  1. Do you really think you can trust NSW Health / NSW Govt. ??

    ” … additional funding is now available …”

    Rubbish. There is no additional funding, nor is there any sufficient political ‘push’ for NSW Health to actually employ new nursing staff to ‘fill the gaps’.

    When you get to the interview, you will be faced with questions on legislation; local policies and practices, and clinical decision-making at a level above the position you have actually applied for.

    The purpose of this, is to NOT actually employ you !

    20 years experience, two degrees, range of work and life experience ?? Means nothing to NSW Health.

    They have 23 yo NUMs conducting interview panels, criticising experienced nurses double their age.

    That’s where NSW Health is at. Go one …. go ahead, try to come back to nursing …..



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