APHRA: Renew your nursing registration online, in time


Attention all enrolled nurses, registered nurses and registered midwives who are due to renew their registration,

AHPRA is encouraging you to renew your registration online and in time. Nurses and midwives can check their registration expiry date on the National Registers of Nurses and Midwives, published online here (www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au). The best way to search the Registers is by name and profession.

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Renew your registration online, and in time.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia Board Chair Anne Copeland acknowledged those nurses and midwives who have promptly renewed their registration and encouraged the remaining nurses and midwives whose registration expires on 31 May 2011 to renew on time and online.

“In the National Scheme, individual practitioners are responsible for renewing their registration on time. The job of the Nursing and Midwifery Board – with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) – is to make this as simple and straightforward as possible,” Ms Copeland said.

Nurses and midwives due to renew their registration by 31 May 2011 number 85,083 in Victoria, 58,649 in New South Wales, 29,289 in South Australia, 20,431 in Western Australia, 4669 in Queensland, 3260 in Northern Territory, 1385 in Tasmania and 457 in ACT.

Ms Copeland said AHPRA was implementing an intensive communication campaign to support the renewal process. This will include sending several reminder emails and letters to individual nurses and midwives. She encouraged nurses and midwives to provide AHPRA with their email address to allow for easy and efficient direct communication.

Nurses and midwives whose registrations expire on 31 May 2011 will renew for 12 months and their registration will be valid until 31 May 2012. From 2012, the renewal date for all nurses and midwives in Australia will be aligned and registration renewal will be due by 31 May each year.

Ms Copeland reminded the professions that there were significant consequences for individual nurses or midwives who do not renew on time in the National Scheme. Under the National Law, nurses and midwives who do not renew registration within one month of their registration expiry date must be removed from the National Registers of Nurses and Midwives. Their registration will lapse and they will not be able to practise their profession in Australia until a new application for registration is approved.

“Neither the Board nor AHPRA have any discretion about this so our advice is clear: renew on time and online,” Ms Copeland said.

There are some simple steps nurses and midwives can follow for easy and straightforward renewal of registration:

  1. Check your contact details – make sure your contact details, including email and mobile telephone, are correct and current. This will allow AHPRA to send you renewal reminders and to contact you easily.
  2. Check your registration expiry date – practitioners can view their expiry date on the National Registers of Nurses and Midwives, accessible at www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au and enter their last name and profession to search.
  3. Watch for the notice to renew registration – a notice to renew registration, including the unique contact number (user ID) supporting online renewal, will be mailed to each practitioner about eight weeks before registration expires.
  4. Use online services for quick and easy renewal of registration – most practitioners can renew registration online using the unique contact number (user ID) provided on the registration renewal notice sent by AHPRA. Online renewal of registration usually takes between two and 48 hours, depending on the method of payment chosen by the practitioner and whether the application contains any adverse declarations.
  • Nurses and midwives who do not have their unique contact number can get it by submitting an online enquiry form – selecting User ID as the category of enquiry or calling 1300 419 495. They can also mail their renewal application to AHPRA, GPO Box 9958 in their capital city.
  • Nurses and midwives can check that their application has been received at the Board’s website at www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au. Those whose application to renew registration has been received can practise while their application is being processed. The listing on the National Registers of Nurses and Midwives is evidence for employers that a practitioner is registered, even if their registration expiry date has passed.
  • Nurses and midwives who forget to renew their registration by 31 May 2011 or within the one month late period can apply to AHPRA for a fast-track application for registration. They are not able to practise in their profession until their registration application has been granted.

For more information:

  • Visit www.ahpra.gov.au under Contact us to lodge an online enquiry form
  • For registration enquiries: 1300 419 495 (within Australia) +61 7 3666 4911 (overseas callers).

Image credit: NSWNA, APHRA.

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  1. What a lot of crap! Previously my rego renewal date was 30th April and I always received the renewal form well in advance. This year my date is 31st May and I received a letter from AHPRA on 11th May. Some eight weeks. Actually I’m not even sure if that letter has the renewal code in it. I also know of people at work who ended up deregistered because of the inconpetence of AHPRA. They need to start processing renewals efficiently and stop standing over the health professionals under their jurisdiction.

  2. AHPRA need to take a good look at themselves!! When new nurses registering for the first time are told “hand your paper work in and don’t ask questions, then back away”, you know something is not right!! So many nurses I know have been deregistered over the mistakes of this board, and mistakes they will NOT admitt to!! When they make a mistake why should nurses be the ones to loose out in pay, and then be FORCED to pay them AGAIN??!!

    They need to stop standing over healthcare professionals and start organising themselves to actually work for the healthcare professionals! People are leaving nursing because they do not want to deal with the crap AHPRA is trying to hand out!!

    • Absolutely agree with you, I have had to deal with APHRA and have found them inefficient and dictatorial in their dealings; they appear to have no realisation that people are dependent on them actually doing what they are supposed to do.
      I don’t have an issue paying for my registration. I do have an issue however in APHRA understanding that we just want to get on and sometimes make a living!

  3. I did mine, but what I’m pissed off about is this: I had to pay a full year’s registration plus application fee, all up it was over $200. They charged me in December, but I was not registered until February, after I had started my grad job. THEN when I get my renewal, I again have to pay a full year’s fee! What a joke! $200 for 3 months registratoin?!?!?!?!

    But kudos to our pay office who back paid me as an RN from my application date (albeit once I pointed out the award condition to them).

  4. ahpra are a joke
    i also don’t like their tactics in notifying and renewing.
    if they didn’t have it right they should have delayed the national registration.
    now it costs more for us to have a shonky system.
    way to go ahpra.

  5. Have sent payment for registration and also information required about 3 weeks ago and have had no confirmation that I am registered. I would like to know as soon as possible please.

  6. Apparently there are some misconceptions about AHPRA registration doing the rounds. You cannot be ‘stood down’ from a nursing job if you cannot show a registration form on June 1.
    The registration period expires on 31 May of each year (this Friday), however a person may renew during the late period June 1-30 and is entitled to practice then.
    If a person fails to renew by 30 June, then their name is removed from the register.

    • If they had my name removed from the register, how do I renew my licence again? I never had the chance to practise in Australia as a nurse.

  7. I rang to get my password for renewal of my registration, my email address was down, so rang again with a new email address and was told to wait for 30 mins before I should look on that address. I looked at the email well after 30mins and it was not on there and by that time the Registration Board had finished for the day. Will this effect my registration? or will it be alright until Monday?

  8. I would note that a parliamentary inquiry in April of 2013 found AHPRA incompetent in terms of registration renewals for all of the professions (words from the inquiry). A huge bunch of doctors, pharmacists and nurses had their registration lapse because of problems with the renewal system.

  9. I realise this is an old thread, but wanted to add to it. I am a new grad EN, I am already fed up with AHPRA. I have been waiting 6 weeks to be registered, their website states up to 10 days for new grads!
    They are offhand and rude and treat me like I should be thankful for what they do. I’m seeing nothing but administrative incompetence – that other industries would sack employees for, if they could not meet deadlines.
    Someone mentioned a submission in 2013, there was one prof in that also stating AHPRA’s incompetence and inability to manage the tasks required.


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