NSWNA urge Wisconsin to rethink, for the good of nurses and patients.


In Wisconsin, Governor Walker has announced plans to reduce or remove collective bargaining rights of public sector workers including nurses.

As a sister union, the New South Wales Nurses’ Association NSWNA, completely disagrees with this, and NSWNA General Secretary Brett Holmes has already written to Governor Walker of Wisconsin, urging him to rethink his stance.

Nurses who are part of organised labour stand up for safe patient care as well as their own rights and any attack on them will be an attack on patients as well as the nurses.

The right of working people to organise and have a voice in their workplace is basic. It is enshrined in the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights, and explicitly recognised by nearly every faith tradition.

Mr Holmes wrote to Governor Walker saying: “I understand your proposals go further in attempts to remove the influence of organised workers and their elected representatives, all as part of making public sector savings due to budget cuts not caused by the workers or the people they care for, but by the reckless behaviour of big banks and financial organizations.”

Already the NSWNA has received thanks from the Wisconsin Labour Council saying:

“The attack that we are now facing in Wisconsin is part of a larger plot by those who want to create a powerless and compliant workforce. Turning back this tide is not a local or even national challenge. As trade unionists of the world, we acknowledge the fundamental truth that an injury to one is an injury to all.

“The support you have shown us provides us with much hope and inspiration. We know that together with our union brothers and sisters across the globe, we shall prevail.”

What do you think the removal of collective bargaining agreements would mean for nurses in Wisconsin? How would it affect them and their patients?

Tell us below!


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  1. USA is not the World Law advisor. Sadly however it is a place of great unemployment as a result of greed and dollars.We now see this pathetic State Gov’nr person going back to ‘KLU-KLUX’ days is of The Deep-South and White Night Riders. This is 2011. USA lied when JFK was in power re bombing in Sth East Asia.
    WMD yet another USA lie. JFK was shoot due to his CIA conections;lies.
    NURSES and the Right To Work and Collective Representation are basic and must be bought to our PM who is in U S A right now I sugget so this matter via her or Kim Beazley can be tabled ASAP please.

    Not a joke at all but severe on all Workers of all Unions and Industrial Collectives.
    Appreciate your time


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