Nurse Blake’s 5 top tips for New Grads!


Nursing ain’t easy – and it definitely isn’t easy being a New Grad! Check out everyone’s favourite nurse blogger, Nurse Blake‘s top 5 tips for your first year of nursing. 

1. Be curious
Just because we finished school doesn’t mean we know everything. In nursing, we should be learning something new every day. Be curious and ask questions. Your curiosity can save lives!

2. Breathe
No matter what job you have in nursing, it’s going to keep you BUSY! When you go throughout your day, remind yourself to breathe. Use this time to reflect on a task you completed, a life you just saved, or an emotional moment you had with a patient. We can spend so much time completing tasks, running around, and critically-thinking that we forget to take short moments to breathe and focus on why we became a nurse.

3. Introduce Yourself
You’re going to encounter so many different people on your shift and instead of just saying hello, introduce yourself. This will enhance communication on your unit and will build a healthier work environment.

4. Be Involved
Nurses have the power to really make a positive impact on how healthcare is delivered in our communities. Participate in your unit practice council, join a professional nursing organization, and volunteer in your community. We can be patient advocates on and off the clock.

5. Be Kind to Yourself
We put so much effort (physically, mentally, and emotionally) caring for others that sometimes we forget to care for ourselves. We must show ourselves the same compassion, kindness, and respect that we show our patients and their families. If we aren’t 100%, we can’t care for others 100%. Take time to relax and re-energize! So yes, it’s totally OK to take your lunch break and use your PTO to go on vacation (like NurseCon at Sea 🏖)!!

As a fellow nurse, know that I’m here for you and I support your nursing journey! It’s going to be one crazy ride but it’s so worth it. As other nurses follow in your footsteps be sure to inspire, motivate, and help them since we are all in this together!

Nurse Blake at his graduation

❤️ Nurse Blake (I graduated 5 years ago and am honoured to be in the nursing profession with you.)

This article was re-posted from Nurse Blake‘s Facebook page, with permission.


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