Nurse on the street – how do the parties score?


Nurse Tom took to the streets of Sydney to ask people how they felt about the $57 million hole in health funding, the GP rebate freeze and cuts to pathology and screening services.

Sure, it’s been a long eight weeks and we can all be forgiven for wanting to switch off from election news. But it’s important to have an informed vote! Watch the interviews and then check out the scorecards below, which assess each major party on their policies on health, aged care, women’s health and alcohol.

In the lead-up to election day, with all the policies finally announced, the scorecards are coming out!

score cardNSW Nurses and Midwives Association looked at the four key policies that will impact on health workers, while I Care and I vote considers the parties’ stance on penalty rates..


AHHA (the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association) invited parties to provide their policies which addressed these principles:

  • A  commitment to universal healthcare principles
  • A commitment to long-term sustainable funding
  • Policies to support integration
  • A commitment to preventive care
  • A commitment to quality outcomes
  • Policies to support innovation
  • A commitment to working with the states and territories.

Here’s the resulting scorecard: AHHA election scorecard

Aged Care and Community Services Australia put out a scorecard on aged care – for their Old, frail and invisible, don’t turn your backs on us campaign.

ACSA Election Scorecard (1)_001

The Australian Women’s Health Network has a scorecard based on their Australian Women’s Health Charter.

womens scorecardscorecard-head

And FARE has a scorecard on how the parties react to alcohol-harm – advertising, fetal alcohol syndrome and violence-prevention, amongst others.


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