Nurse recruitment via YouTube


Tamworth Hospital in northwest rural NSW is using YouTube, among other media, to advertise for nurses in their Critical Care team (including Emergency, Intensive Care and retrieval teams), as well as in theatres, maternity and orthopaedics. This follows pressure from NSWNA members in Tamworth, via a ‘reasonable workloads’ dispute process, for the local health management to start recruiting more nurses, via every possible avenue, including YouTube.

Management agreed to advertise in major newspapers such as The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald – these ads include links to the YouTube ad, which promotes the ‘work, life and balance’ (not to mention ‘affordable housing’) to be found in Tamworth. Backing music is by a local doctor.


Correct us if we’re wrong, but Tamworth appears to be the first Australian hospital to use social media to recruit staff.  However, it’s been tried overseas – check out these videos from Windsor Regional Hospital in Canada and Kings College in London, though both of these are aimed at health staff in general, not just nurses. The Royal Berkshire Hospital in England, however, has a video aimed very specifically at finding theatre nurses.

Would it occur to you to look for a job via YouTube? Does it ‘add value’ to a job search? Do you appreciate the chance to see nurses in action with a potential employer? And finally, are you interested in working in Tamworth?!

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