Nurse Uncut Christmas Contest: Voting is NOW OPEN!


I’m pleased to present to you, our official entries to Nurse Uncut’s Christmas Contest: Submit a Photo of your Ward’s Christmas decors & Win Morning Tea for your entire Ward valued at $200!

I’d also like to thank all the hospitals and health facilities who joined. We enjoyed viewing your submissions! Now, it’s time for our community to select the winner!

The mechanics for voting:

Voting starts now, 21 Dec (Monday) till 11.59pm of 22 Dec, Tuesday. (Our server has a glitch so we are 2 hours ahead of Sydney time. So, by our website’s clock, we’ll be closing the voting by 1.59am of 23 Dec, Wed).

  1. Only registered Nurse Uncut members are allowed to vote. To sign up, please go to Nurse Uncut Sign Up Form.
  2. Review all the entries below to find out which one appeals to you the most.
  3. You can vote by leaving a comment ON THIS CONTEST POST with the Entry Number of your choice (A sample vote: “Entry No. 16” and any other comment you want to leave to complement your favourite entry).
  4. Votes that are left on this contest post will be the only ones considered.
  5. Please refrain from leaving negative/abusive comments. Remember, we are doing this in the spirit of Christmas so let’s keep it light and fun! 🙂 Any abusive/negative comment received will immediately be taken down and the vote of the member who left the unacceptable comment will be invalidated.
  6. You can only vote for one entry. So, please take time to review all the submission and choose the one that appeals to you the MOST! 🙂
  7. Only one vote per registered Nurse Uncut member. Comments are moderated so if your vote does not publish as soon as you hit the “Post Comment” button, don’t worry. It will appear after it’s gone through our system! 🙂
  8. After the voting period closes, we will tally the votes received by each entry. The entry with the most number of votes win.
  9. We will announce the winner on 23 December, Wednesday. 9.00am, Sydney Time (which is 11.00am by our website’s clock. I know, we are going to fix this glitch. Promise! 🙂
  10. The winner will receive an email from Nurse Uncut together with details on how they can claim their prize.

Here are Nurse Uncut’s Christmas Contest OFFICIAL ENTRIES….drum roll please! (Please take the time to read the brief description sent in by the contest participants along with their entry 🙂:

(Please click on each image to view it at a larger size. To view each individual photo in the mosaic, please visit: Christmas Contest Photo Submissions)


Entry No. 1: Tamara Private Hospital

Staff decorated the ward and dressed in Christmas shirts in order to get into the Christmas spirit. The Santa Sacks are part of our secret Santa gifts to each other. Christmas music is softly played in the hallways and patient feedback has been very positive.

4191450204_f8cd6e1b86Entry No. 2: Uniting Aged Care, Cambewarra Heights (Dementia Ward)

We decorate our area for all occasions especially Christmas which the Residents really enjoy.

Entry No. 3: Coronary Care Unit at The Tweed Hospital

Each year we try to make it special, we’ve had a Bush Christmas, a Beach Christmas and even a Happy Hippy Christmas so this year we are having a White Christmas (with 36 degree heat outside, it’s the only place we can feel cool !!)


Entry No. 4: Werris Creek District Hospital

A small, but vibrant, community hospital with 14 beds. Of a day, there are 12 staff members on duty. Each year the staff go to amazing lengths to decorate the Hospital for the festive season, complete with roaming Santa. Elves have been known to haunt the kitchen!


Entry No. 5: John Hunter Hospital


Entry No. 6: Children’s Ward, Gosford Hospital

This year in Children’s ward, Gosford hospital our christmas theme is “christmas around the world”. The ward has been decorated by both children and staff. Each window in each room has been decorated to represent a different country e.g Hawaii, Mexico, South America etc.


Entry no. 7: Mary Giles Ward Hornsby Hospital
This year our theme is Candy Cane.


Entry No. 8: Camden Nursing Home

We hold an internal Christmas decoration competition between the 3 sections, the DT department, the GSO’s and Management. Management invites our Aged Care Support Manager from Head Office to come to the facility where the theme draw is undertaken. He then comes back and judges. There is no prize as such, however the winner gets there sections name engraved on the “perpetual tray”.
It is great to watch the staff become involved and the residents and their families get such a kick out of watching the areas take shape and a very festive feel flows around the Nursing Home. The home itself is well over 150years old and has narrow corridors and very high ceilings, so decorating can be a challenge. The staff have become very creative and the use of fishing line and blu tak are the essential tools they require.


Entry No. 9: Surgical 1 @ The Tweed Hospital

The Christmas story started with Rudy in 2004. Each year the story and family have grown.


Entry No. 10: Tamworth Base Hospital


Entry No. 11: Ward 9 Maternity Unit Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital


Entry No. 12: Ward B5B – Medical HDU Westmead Hospital

Our theme for 2009 Christmas is “Bollywood Christmas.” Our decorations include present-filled christmas sleds made from recycled IV fluid boxes and wrapped empty glove + stock boxes. Traditional brightly coloured saris depicting the bollywood theme hang from the corridor wall, while an abundance of christmas lights ooze the Christmas spirit throughout the unit.


Entry No. 13: New Born Care @ Royal Prince Alfred Hospital


Entry No. 14: Operating Theatre Ward @ Broken Hill Hospital

Happy voting!

As they say in the Olympics “Let the games begin!” (hmmm…was it the Olympics?)


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