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  1. Great article on the harm Oz’s asylum seeker policy is causing to children. Like to add a range of actions people can take.

    There are two petitions opposing the secrecy and intimidatory provisions of the Border Force Act, by Christine Cummins and Alison Hughes respectively. They also accord with amendments to the Migration Maritime Powers bill moved by Senator Hanson-Young and passed by the Senate last November. That included the right to disclose without fear of retribution and for media access to immigration detention facilities. It would be good for to have a massive show of public support when the amendment is tabled in the House of Representatives, hopefully accompanied by presentation of the petitions..

    As asylum seekers on Nauru gathered for their 26th straight day of protesting, I spoke to a teenager who had been imprisoned there for three years. She was delighted to hear that the International Criminal Court (ICC) have decided to add the compliant lodged with them by the Victorian Refugee Action Coalition to the complaint they are already investigating lodged by Tracie Aylmer. It would be good for people to sign a petition to the ICC asking it to make a public statement to the Australian Government that it would be unwise to continue to send people to offshore detention whilst an investigation was taking place. The petition at references both complaints.

    A massive action taking place regularly around Australia is the @#LetThemStay campaign. In Newcastle this has taken place every week since 25 February, outside the Federal ALP member’s office. Search the hashtag and you are likely to find one near you – or else start one.

    The No Business in Abuse campaign is currently targeting local councils, urging them to sign a pledge that they will not deal with corporations, institutions and organisations that profit from abusive practices towards people seeking asylum. Again, search for it and if there is not one targeting your local council, it is easy to start one yourself.

    There are an increasing number of screenings of the film the Australian Goverment does not want you to see: ‘Chasing Asylum’. It’s easy to organise a screening from the film’s website.

    The main thing though is to join a group. Facebook is the easiest way, although there are traditional blog sites as well. Join so you can take part in organising or participating in actions that will one day lead to massive rejection of Australia’s cruel, illegal and fundamentally Kafkaesque asylum seeker policy.


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