Nurses and midwives deliver FAIL verdict on Liberals’ plan


The Climate and Health Alliance’s (CAHA) scorecard has delivered a scathing review of the Liberals’ and Nationals’ plan for climate and health.

In the release of their Election scorecard, the Alliance has scored both Coalition parties a 0/8 on a range of matters, including a National Strategy for Climate, Health and Wellbeing, to stronger air pollution laws.

CAHA noted that Government inaction on climate change and environmental outcomes was “costing lives”.

“We hope the Liberals and Nationals don’t leave it too much longer to put themselves on the right side of history [in regards to climate change]”, said CAHA Executive Director Fiona Armstrong.

In their scorecard, the Alliance scored the Labor party 4.5/8, while the Greens topped the table with full marks.

Climate and Health Alliance Scorecard

You can read more about the Climate and Health Alliance’s scorecard here.


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