Nurses And Midwives Gone Green? NSWNMA Environmental Health Seminar Highlights

Duane Miller CNS

This Environmental Health Seminar for Nurses and Midwives was held at the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) in April this year, where health professionals came together to tackle the big issues.

More than 40 nurses and midwives attended this successful seminar which saw multiple discussion groups formed and allowed an opportunity for activists to ask many questions of the experts.


Why is this important?
Nurses and midwives have a professional responsibility, through their Code of Ethics, to ensure that they understand environmental health and sustainable healthcare and apply this concept to their practice in all health organisations such as hospitals, aged care facilities and community health.

Organisations such as hospitals have a huge carbon footprint and nurses and midwives can help to reduce this through a number of activities. Whether it’s undertaking recycling activities to limit waste, assisting with reducing energy consumption or simply conserving water, getting involved in small ‘green’ team with like-minded colleagues is the way ahead.

Dr Janet Roden of the NSWNMA opening the Environmental Health Forum

The NSWNMA is committed to promote this important issue and is a member of Global Green & Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) who are striving to help nursing staff and allied health in hospitals and other facilities with many different kinds of resources.

EH Forum Panel left to right: Megan Shaw, Teresa Lewis, Duane Miller and Victoria Cran

The recommendations out of the seminar were: continue to support NSWNMA members and branches with Environmental Health and Sustainable Healthcare education, and to consider undertaking two (2) Environmental Health Seminars for 2019 – one in the country (Wollongong or Newcastle) and one at the Association.

Click on the links below to listen to podcasts of the presentations given at the event:


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