Nurses And Midwives: Making A Difference To Our Climate


The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) are proud of the many causes and issues it has supported over the years. In particular, the NSWNMA’s commitment to action on climate change and environmental protection has never waivered. The Association’s Dr Janet Roden recently took part in a protest against the continuation of coal seam gas mining and coal mining that is immensely damaging to our environment. Here is her report…

On Saturday 24th March, 2018 I attended the #Time2Choose—Rally for Clean Water, Clean Air and Clean Energy action that saw 10,000 people march from NSW Parliament in Martin Place and made its way down the two kilometre track to Prince Alfred Park.

It was massive, and the colour and the passion of the people of NSW was overwhelming. Led by First Nations people, the rally took off followed by 30 horses ridden by farmers and thousands of community members protesting to stop the mining of coal, and gas mining (CSG).  There were also concerns about deforestation, loss of farming land, native animal annihilation and compromised water security.

The rally captured the notion of it being #Time2Choose. Do we want to choose a future dominate by fossil fuels or a future where the earth is fit for people, our land, the water we drink and the community we’re all a part of. The community want to protect their forests, their native animals  and their water security. CSG Mining threatens all these things as well as the climate, farm land and the precious ground water aquifers that are so vital in an old, dry country like Australia.

Organisers are very worried about the huge new coal seam gas field proposed near Narrabri and the eleven new and expanding coal mines in New South Wales that in total will be larger than the proposed and maligned Adani coal mine in Queensland. I’m proud of all the people I marched with, especially the nurses and midwives who marched with me.

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