Nurses and midwives: Tips for packing a healthy meal for your shift


Do you take your lunch (or dinner … or middle-of-the-night meal) to work with you? What are your tips for shopping and preparing your shift meals? What do you pack it in to take it to work and where do you keep it while you’re working? If you do take food, where do you sit and eat?

What’s your work superfood?!

We’ve all read the recommended dietary guidelines but putting them into effect is another thing, so we welcome your tips for easy healthy eating at work – share them here with other nurses and midwives.

[Right: nurses on a tea break in a London hospital in 1941]

Nurse Uncut’s top 3 tips for taking your own meals to work:

  1. On your days off, make sure you’ve bought enough of what you like to last your next stretch of shifts. Hide it away from your household if necessary, so that you don’t open the cupboard and discover that every last tin of tuna is gone!
  2. Make sure you have enough different-sized containers that you can quickly grab to put individual ingredients into.
  3. Avocados are a true superfood, full of good, satisfying fat and vitamins. If all else fails, throw some large avocados into your food bag!

Ashley Adkins is a US nurse who takes a huge bowl of pomegranate seeds to work each day! Watch Ashley go through her pre-work food prep routine.


Share your tips for healthy and easy eating at work! What’s your own favourite superfood?

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