Nurses: Where Will You Be Next Year?


We’re almost at the end of 2010.

On Tuesday night, 16th. November, the NSWNA officially moved into the new HQ building at 50 O’Dea Avenue, Waterloo.

NSWNA Delegates attended not only the official opening, but also the end of year Christmas Party. It was a grand opportunity to mingle with friends, colleagues, and staff of NSWNA. (supported with some great food & wine!)

So, we draw near to the end of 2010.

nursing collage

Where do you think you will be next year, in 2011 ?

Are you thinking of changing jobs?  Has the Public Health system taken it’s toll on you?

What about further study? Any plans? Let us know what YOU are planning for next year.

I personally, have applied for a Masters by coursework in Dementia Care ( Uni of Wollongong ). I plan on staying in the Private Sector a little longer. I feel, I will get the support I will need to complete my further studies in what seems to be, a rapidly expanding area of need in Aged Care.

I certainly hope you all stay tuned to NURSE UNCUT in 2011…. because this is where YOUR voice can be heard. Keep track of what the NSWNA is doing on the main website, and keep reading your LAMP.

I’m sure to post again, during the next month, so keep coming back, and let’s post more thoughts about our great profession. If you haven’t posted a response before on this site… give it a go!!

BE HEARD – it’s easy. Over to you….


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  1. Just got my Letter of Offer for the Masters I applied for at Wollongong next year.
    Just need to secure the Aged Care Scholarship ( the one under the administration of RCNA ) to top it off.

    So, it looks like I’m staying in Aged Care ( Private Sector ) for the next 1 – 2 years at least.

    Anybody else get an offer for Post Grad next year? Tell us what your got / are going to do…..


  2. Dementia certainly looks like a hot topic for careers, but I have enough friends in this area to look after me when I get there! I will continue with agency nursing, but am trying to get my website up, to show nurses how to work for themselves, with at least a 30% pay rise, and doing the same jobs they are doing now. Have done this for about 18 months, and is developing well. There is a lot nurses can do, once empowered by working for themselves, supplying their services to clients. Huge benefits and with unlimited potential…

  3. ps., congratulations on the Masters. I started mine years ago, till a stairway injury put me out for years….. which is why I started own businesses to survive.

  4. I veered off course in 2010 and did a year of journalism but will be back into the nursing degree in 2011 at the University of Canberra. I have two more years left to complete my nursing studies at UC.

  5. Well I have just graduated… have just spent thousands relocating my young family for my new grad! Pity I’m not a doctor or would have had it paid for me but that’s another story……

    I also just got accepted into the post grad BMid at Flinders via distance ed – so very excited about that! I’ll be very, very busy but hey, I’d rather be busy than bored!

  6. In 2011 I have decided that after 6 years of Acute Adult Mental Health in a variety of clinical settings including over 3 years in the community i am going to be changing tack as i have found another avenue although still within mental health i would like to pursue. Due to ongoing deteriorating work conditions, low morale, rapidly dwindling staffing levels, poor skill mix etc I have decided now enough is really enough. To answer the question yes the Public Health System most notably where i am currently employed has definitely taken it’s toll.

  7. I guess after nursing for 30 years I agree enough is enough.In 2011 I will be looking at taking time off from nursing and reassessing my life/occupation.I want to be in a fulfiiling job where I go home at the end of the day and think I did a good job today.The last 2 jobs I have held really was ther straw that broke the camels back so to speak, patient dependencies high due to pts being elderley.Bullying in the workplace in my last job which forced me to leave along with unreasonable workloads apathetic/demoralised staff and a boss who was quite unsymapthetic to her overworked staff! need I go on. Nursing is on a downhill slide and I am over it.

    • this time next year i will be in the same boat and you will be too the one that thats leaking from the disapointing result we have entered into from an uncareing out of touch state govt; not happy Jan!

  8. Hi Brendan,
    Sounds all rather sad. I will be happy hard working in the public sector Doing my Masters still…. I always think I will be thru with study and sometimes I think I could give up on nursing. I work with so many wonderful nurses, doctors, social workers and other health professionals who constantly amaze me in what they can share with me and others under terrible duress at times. I whinge about it but I am very happy to be a nurse.

  9. Hey ! Did I say I’d be staying with the ‘Private Sector’ for a while ???

    Well, that was before I was betrayed by those who LEND and LEASE out stuff…

    I now think that Public was best, after all. Over the past 2 – 3 years, I have seen a few private facilities, and the push for ‘profit’, and the ‘business’ terminology was a culture shock.

    Where did the ‘care’ in Health Care go ?? It went to the share holders, and in ‘performance bonuses’ to people like those who LEND and LEASE stuff !!


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