October was a popular month for Nurse Uncut!


It’s the end of another month and we’ve had some fantastic blog posts and forum discussions during October.

It’s fantastic to see nurses supporting Nurse Uncut, the community site for Australian nurses where you can share tips and advice, good news stories and opinions on topics close to their hearts.


At the end of each month we’ll highlight the most popular blog posts and discussions and we encourage you to read them and leave comments, if you haven’t already.

Remember this is also a way to increase your chances of winning the Chattiest Nurse Uncutter Contest too.

Some of the top blogs for the month include:

Nursing Training – should it be returned to hospitals? Jade also wrote a great post on this topic where she discussed the pros and cons of both University and Hospital training.



Emma discussed technology and the love-hate relationship she has with it. There were some great comments about this on both the Facebook page and on the blog post with nurses sharing their experiences and opinions on technology today.

Mandy says “We have to keep up with the times in the next six years there will be no paper at all and as nurses we have to adjust and keep up with the changes.”

IronMaiden says “Part of the problem with technology in the nursing workplace is the piecemeal way it has been implemented. Although computer literacy forms part of the essential criteria for a nursing position, there has been no requirement for computer training for those who are already employed, whether they are computer literate or not.”

How do you feel about technology, what gadgets could you not live without in your workplace and why?

We also continued our Investigation into Workplace Injury and Workers Compensation – and discussed the frustrations we were experiencing when dealing with compensation and insurance agencies. Some of our readers shared their experiences with us.

Gordo says “Every Government department will always quote ‘policy’ or ‘legislation’ as a means to respond to an immediate query on almost anything. I’ve always found dealing with Workcover (NSW) to be frustrating, as they are a State Government agency. They are not about to give any NSW State Government employee advice that will assist in producing a financial cost to the State Govt.”

Bernhard says “A trick with insurers is that of frustrating nurses with delays, and referring you to everyone, including the dog psychiatrist in Finland, which of course adds another 20 weeks and another six to translate it”

We discussed the thing you’d sometimes LOVE to say to a difficult patient (if you could get away with it)


Eamonn says “I’m sorry…you must have mistaken us for the private hospital….we don’t do double skinny latte with a twist of lemon and a croissant…we specialise in coffee (one type), tea (one type) and soggy toast”

Gordo says “I used to like telling patients in private hospitals, that: No, just because you have private hospital cover, it DOES NOT mean you get a single room EVERY time to ‘check in’ (the Hilton analogy)”

Nurses also discussed what they love about Nurse Jackie – a television series that is about nurses (not doctors for once!). It is a dark comedy that is described by critics as “wicked, heartbreaking and funny”.  Edie Falco – who won the 2010 Emmy Award winner for Best Supporting Actress in Nurse Jackie – stars as the title character Jackie Peyton, a strong-willed and brilliant – but very flawed – emergency room nurse working in the complicated and frenzied environment of a New York City hospital.

Hot topics in the forums included:

Thoughts on the Essentials of Care program

Annual Leave for Part Timers

Workplace  Injury Claims and Compensation

Don’t forget to stop by the forums and leave your two cents worth in the discussions.

Once again, thanks for supporting Nurse Uncut!


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