‘One Of The Most Disgusting Places I’ve Ever Worked At’ – Aged Care AIN


Sometimes we hear experiences from nurses who have had to endure some atrocious problems in the workplace and aged care is certainly no exception. Sandy* was an aged care Assistant in Nursing (AIN) who tried to fix some of the issues she was confronted with:

I just want to tell you about you about my experience from when I was an AIN for three years in a big private aged care facility in New South Wales.

My previous workplace was one of the most disgusting places I’ve ever worked in and if you saw what I did, you would’ve been absolutely gobsmacked. They treated residents like total garbage.

Partly how they got away with it? They lied on their ACFI documentation for further funding.

They ordered kitchen staff to use less food and spices in making residents’ food “because it cost too much money”. Are you kidding? Meals for residents were already problematic enough with the lack of nutrients in them. But then they go ahead and make it flavourless as well? Give me a break.

They didn’t even provide a proper neutral body soap for residents. This was REALLY not okay and led to residents suffering through scabies outbreaks all year long.

I called the health department about it and they went and did a spot check but nothing changed and none of the issues I raised were addressed.

The place was highly understaffed, with many of the residents’ nails growing too long and filled with filth. If that was not a sign no one had the time to give proper activities of daily living care, then I don’t know what is.

After hearing the health department did nothing and the facility was still the same, I felt so sorry for my residents. I used to think it was just this big business, but now it makes me think even the government doesn’t give a toss about residents in appalling conditions.

Do have a similar experience? Or perhaps you have a good work place you’d like tell us about? Let us know in the comments or send us an email nurseuncut@nswnma.asn.au

*Name has been changed to protect identity.


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