One2Four Strike Action – Photos and Sharing


The strike action on Wednesday, 24 November was successfully organised and rolled out, big thanks to NSWNA and all the nurses who showed their support.

one2four strike action 1

one2four strike action 2

one2four strike action 3

Here are some  photos from the meetings and below are sharings from two of our nurses who went to Homebush yesterday:

We had a fantastic turnout in Homebush today from a large group of passionate nurses and midwives. Some of their stories were horrific when they recounted the average day at work with limited appropriately skilled staff…the speakers were very articulate in their pleas for safe patient care. As a midwife routinely expected to care for 10 women and their newborns it is a daily struggle to give all our patients the care and support they deserve. Keep up the fight girls, if we are to get back to a time when we leave work satisfied we have given quality care to our charges, we need to make sure our VOICES are heard. Thankyou one and all for the tough job we do every day.
By Ellie

Well said Ellie, I also was at Homebush and it was apriviledge to be amongst such a passionate and committed group. I was on days off so didn’t lose any wages but wish to thank my fellow nurses and midwives who gave up their time and money to support this very important issue….thank-you
By Robyn

What about you? Were you at Homebush? What was the experience like?

You can go to Nurse Uncut’s Facebook Page to view the rest of the photos and video from the strike action.

Why don’t you leave your comment on here as well as in our forum at Nurse Uncut to show your support and discuss this issue with other nurses?

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