Our Favourite Mothers Day gifts for nurses


Mothers Day is just around the corner. This year it falls on Sunday May 8th.

We’re making a list of the best Mothers Day gifts. What did you give your mother last year? What would you love to receive for mothers day? Add to our list below. It doesn’t need to be a material present, maybe a sleep in or breakfast in bed would be your favourite thing to receive. Share your ideas with us!

    1. Jewellery – it doesn’t need to be expensive, some great pieces can be found at local markets, or check out online store Etsy, there are some awesome handmade pieces, and even jewelry made from recycled products like the scrabble tile necklace below.

      Funky, different, handmade jewelry from Etsy
    2. Movie tickets – a lot of mums never have time to go to the movies, why not buy her tickets at a cute little movie theatre, rather than a big commercial one? Last year I bought my mother in law tickets to a new film festival movie at a quirky little theatre (it even included a tea and coffee break in the middle) it wasn’t a movie she would ever think to go to herself, but she absolutely loved it!

      The Avoca Beach theatre in NSW, complete red velvet seats and an old-fashioned candy bar.
    3. Digital photo frame – who’s mum doesn’t have heaps of family photos put up on every wall of the house? (and probably no space left for new ones) simple solution buy her a digital photo frame that revolves through hundreds of photos, meaning you never get bored of the same photo and it’s a major space saver!

      Digital photo frames are the answer to no more wall space!
    4. Flowers – who’s mum doesn’t love flowers?

      Who doesn’t love flowers?
    5. Pamper her – does she ever take time out to get a manicure or facial? Why not buy her a voucher and pencil in an appointment, and take her out for coffee or ‘high tea’ before or after to make sure she uses it! Lots of cafes are offering English ‘high teas’ now. It’s a fun and novel thing to do and a bit different to just going out for coffee!
High tea anyone?
High tea anyone?

Our top five non-material gifts.

1. Sleeping in with no interruptions!
2. Breakfast in bed complete with smiling kids, flowers and a clean napkin would be nice.
3. The day off – no cooking, no stress, or cleaning. Or coupons to take care of housework.
4. A gift from the heart – Handmade cards, artwork.
5. A letter, write to your mum telling her how much she means to you.

What did you give your mother last year? What would you love to receive for mothers day? Share your ideas with us!

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Image credits: Etsy, The Tea Room, The Avoca Beach Theatre, Product Category.com



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