Our Investigation into Workplace Injury and Workers Compensation Part 4 – The Lawyers.


Today we are continuing our investigation into Workplace Injury and Workers Compensation. The most common piece of advice we have from nurses who have personal experience with this is to always seek legal advice.


Even if your case is in process with your insurance company or in mediation with your employer you are always allowed to seek independent legal advice. It doesn’t need to be an expensive process as there is always free legal advice available through community law centres and websites like this.

In seeking a claim for worker’s compensation, a specialist lawyer will be able to guide you through the process of making a claim for compensation and reparation for injuries sustained.

In addition, a lawyer will be able to act on your behalf in dealing with your employer, respective insurance companies and representing you in a court of law and/or relevant tribunals.


This legal advice website offers fast, free legal advice for all Australian people to receive immediate legal assistance on all areas of the law including worker’s compensation law.

Their free legal enquiry service is easy to use and will help put you in contact with the right lawyer to help you achieve maximum compensation for your legal matter.

An experienced personal injury lawyer may be able to help build your case and deal with any insurance companies so you get what you are owed if you have been injured at no fault of your own.

Personal injury law in Australia is slightly different to Workplace Injury, but parts of it can overlap. Personal Injury Law covers a range of cases yet it essentially involves one party being physically or psychologically injured as a result of another party’s actions. These cases can range from negligence such as car accidents or ‘slip and fall’ incidents to intentional torts to medical malpractice and work accidents caused by a third party.

Injury Law

An element of personal injury law is workplace injuries. While most workplace accidents would fall under workers compensation, if a third party is involved the injured person may be able to seek additional financial damages.

For details of personal injury lawyers in Australia you can visit this website which has a list of Australia’s personal injury lawyers in capital cities.

The best advice is to ask around, no doubt somebody knows of somebody who has been injured at work and can recommend somebody to talk too – and of course you can always ask a question in our forums and unfortunately, a lot of our readers have had personal experience with Workplace Injury.

What have your experiences been?


Image credit: Joe Gratz, Injury Law Journal

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  1. OK, so does that mean that a claim can be made if say a worker is injured after being assaulted by a patient who has not been managed in a manner to ensure a safe workplace? Would the worker then be treated similar to say another patient or a visitor that was assaulted by said patient?


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