Podcasts on nurses and environmental health


Feedback from the seminar on Environmental Health on 14 March was extremely positive – Bernhard wrote an account of the day here. Those who couldn’t make it can now listen to the expert speakers via podcast – click on the link to listen now or right click to download and save to your computer for later listening.

Teresa Lewis, Fiona Armstrong, Barbara Sattler and panel organiser Janet Roden.


  1. This was a great seminar, so interesting especially if you are into climate change and our planet. It brought home the very small changes we can make in our nursing and midwifery practice to help the environment. Also how vulnerable we are in our profession, that we are one of the highest industries with environmental asthma and breathing disorders due to the simple use of cleaning products, ie. handwashing solution, the many chemicals we are exposed to in our daily work practices. I was so inspired and so was my colleague so we have joined the ‘enviromental planning committee’ and intend to make it far greener.
    This would be a great topic to bring in at annual conference in the future. Well done NSWNMA. Jac


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