Poem from a breast cancer patient


A nurse writes: This is a poem written by my dear friend as she undergoes treatment for breast cancer. I think it should be posted just to remind us that our patients are real people and not just numbers . I know at times we are beyond busy but that should not be a reason.

Hey nurse, nurse look at me.

Tell me, what do you see?

Do you see me as me? Or

Number J6747176?

You ask me my name and

DOB every time!

Do you see me as a child?

I once was, with red hair and mischief

And lots of smiles.

Hey nurse, nurse look at me and

Tell me what you see

As you chatter to your co-worker

About what you did last night

Are you really thinking about me

As I lie upon this cold steel slab?

Hi, I’m Marie. Not number M841177.

Remember me!

I was once a young lass with lots of

Dreams. I wanted to be an air hostess.

Did you know that?

Hey nurse, nurse look at me and tell me

What do you see, me or K8748175,

While you are joining my tattoo dots?

I loved and got married to a wonderful man.

I loved to go dancing, did you know that?

Hey nurse, nurse remember, do you see me

As Marie or L3741752?

As I go to ask a question, only to be told

Just lie still while we move your body for awhile…

Hey nurse. Nurse. I’m Marie, not number P1247175.

I became a mother of four children, did you know that?

Grandmother of nine. Great Granny of three

And another on the way.

But nurse. Nurse, you’re not looking at me!

Hey. Nurse. Nurse look at me

Tell me what you see.

Do you see me as someone who has worked hard her whole life?

Or do you see me as patient B8746615?

Hey nurse. Nurse look at me

And tell me, what do you see

As you tell me we have to leave you now

As the radiation will start very soon…

Hey nurse, nurse, look at me

And tell me, what do you see?

As I listen to the machine as it moves around me

Burning my body

I look at the ceiling and what do I see?

A constellation of Scorpio. I wonder to myself

Nurse, do you know that is me?

I’m a Scorpio!

Hey nurse. Nurse, look at me

Tell me, what you see

As you tell me you’re done now,

See you tomorrow…

Well nurse, nurse, I will know

Tomorrow just what you see

And that is DOB 05.11.55 and

Number C2237175, as you

Really don’t know me!


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