Research: Staff perceptions of parental stress in special care nurseries


Sarah Rizkallah writes: I would like to invite Neonatal Intensive/Critical Care Unit (NICU) midwives and nurses to participate in a research study undertaken as part of a Masters degree in clinical psychology (MPsych) within the School of Psychology at the Australian Catholic University (Brisbane).

The aim of this research is to describe midwife nursing staff perceptions of NICU-related patient stressors and compare their perceptions with those of the general public and prospective mothers.

This research is based on an existing study with very preterm newborns published in the Journal of Early Human Development (Pritchard & Montgomery-Hönger, 2014) authored by the supervisor involved in this project, Verena Pritchard. It is hoped that this research will assist units in understanding how perceptions of the types of parental stress related to NICU care may differ between staff and the general public. The results may be useful in promoting and maintaining effective parent-staff communication.

The name of the project is: A comparison of staff and individual perspectives among the general and parenting populations on situation-specific stressors in the neonatal intensive care unit and special care nurseries.

If you work in a neonatal special care unit, please take the survey.


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