Research: the effect of stress on your cognitive performance


Feeling a little stressed, anxious or depressed? Shamona is a PhD candidate at the University of Technology Sydney who is looking for nurses and midwives to participate in her research study looking at the effects of mental health on the cognitive performance of healthcare professionals.

It’s well known that healthcare workers commonly feel quite strained and overworked. The stressful nature of healthcare leaves many professionals feeling not only stressed but also anxious and even depressed – and it’s possible these mental states could have a negative impact on cognitive performance, which, in turn, could impact on the quality of patient care provided. Yet there is little research that actually investigates the impact of these mental states on the cognitive performance of healthcare professionals.

This study aims to examine associations between these mental states and cognitive performance in clinically active healthcare professionals (including nurses, midwives, doctors and allied health staff). Participating involves answering a questionnaire battery, saliva collection, a brief electroencephalogram and a couple of cognitive tests. It’s entirely non-invasive and all the data remains entirely confidential.

All types of nurses (eg AIN, EN, RN) and midwives are welcome to participate. If you’re interested, please contact Shamona Maharaj on 0488679403 or

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