Ride to fight MS: This Nurse Is Going The Extra Mile [55 Miles In Total!]

Nurse Mark Quealy on a bike but not the one he did the MSGong ride on!

Mark Quealy is a Registered Nurse who is taking part in the Sydney To The Gong: Ride to fight MS on Sunday November 4 this year. Unfortunately it is so popular that 10,000 riders have already signed up and it has sold out! But if you wish to find out more or sign up to the waiting list, check out the website here: msgongride.org.au

I guess for the last 6 years I have been taking the 55 mile (90km) journey that is the MSGong bike ride. My first year, I originally went as a personal challenge and just managed to get to the end.

I then set my sights on continuing till I turned 60. I got there last year! So now it’s just an annual fitness challenge and whilst seeing some spectacular scenes with a friendly crowd. To be honest I’ve never raised a lot for the cause as I hate badgering people. There are so many causes out there these days but I do my bit by making a small personal donation.

It is very well organised and means a great deal to a lot of people. Being a nurse, I do see a lot of people living with Multiple Sclerosis at my hospital and admire their resilience. If my participation has some small benefit that’s a bonus. I often bump into a few mates on the way. Great camaraderie to be one of 10,000 riders!

I couldn’t find my photos from previous events but the photo above is an amusing one of me “sitting” on a penny farthing (no I didn’t have the skill to ride away on it!). I’m yet to see anyone complete the ride on one of these.

If any other nurses are riding in the MSGong, you’re welcome to join me! I’m planning to be at the start line 6:15. I’m a slow rider & its always a fun day.

You can help Mark’s fundraising by clicking here.

Are you taking part in the MSGong ride or anything else for a great cause? Let us know so we can share your story! Email us at nurseuncut@nswnma.asn.au

See more about the MSGong here: msgongride.org.au


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