Stressors and coping strategies for emergency department nurses in New South Wales of Australia


Project Title: Stressors and coping strategies for emergency department nurses in New South Wales of Australia

Project Summary:

You are invited to participate in a research study being conducted by Ali Alomari, Master of Research Student at Western Sydney University, under the Supervision of Dr Nathan Wilson, Dr Leanne Hunt, and Dr James Collison. The research is aiming to assess the frequency of stress and identify the most common factors that contribute to stress for emergency department nurses in New South Wales (NSW) of Australia. In addition, this research is intending to identify the coping strategies that emergency department nurses use to minimise stress.

How is the study being paid for?

Fund from the School of Nursing and Midwifery – University of Western Sydney.

What will I be asked to do?

You will be asked to answer the survey questions and submit them through an online server:

How much of my time will I need to give?

You will need 30-45 minutes to finish the survey.

What benefits will I, and/or the broader community, receive for participating?

This research project will be helpful in identifying the common contributing factors to stress for emergency department nurses in NSW. Therefore, by participating in this study you would help to give us a better understanding of the current common stressors for nurses and their coping strategies within NSW emergency departments. This study will provide some insight into likely interventions that could provide a better working environment for nurses and better patient outcomes.

Will the study involve any risk or discomfort for me? If so, what will be done to rectify it?

Thinking about stressors at your workplace while answering the survey might be discomforting and may cause some distress for some participants. Therefore, if you have any concerns or feel distressed in any way as a result of these issues, the following services may be able to assist you:

·       Lifeline 13 11 14

·       Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at your local health service.

How do you intend to publish or disseminate the results?

The results of the research project will be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Will the data and information that I have provided be disposed of?

Please be assured that only the researchers will have access to the raw data you provide. However, your data may be used in other related projects for an extended period of time. All data collected is de-identified and stored securely. No emails or IP addresses are stored.

Can I withdraw from the study?

Participation is entirely voluntary and you are not obliged to be involved. If you do participate you can withdraw at any time before submitting the survey. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the supervisor of the project Dr Nathan J Wilson (

Can I tell other people about the study?

Yes, you can tell other people about the study, and you can forward the survey link to them if you wish to.

What if I require further information?

Please contact the supervisor of the project if you wish to discuss the research further before deciding whether or not to participate

Dr Nathan J Wilson, Western Sydney University

What if I have a complaint?

If you have any complaints or reservations about the ethical conduct of this research, you may contact the Ethics Committee through Research Engagement, Development and Innovation (REDI) on

Tel +61 2 4736 0229 or email

Any issues you raise will be treated in confidence and investigated fully, and you will be informed of the outcome.

If you agree to participate in this study, you may be asked to sign the Participant Consent Form. The information sheet is for you to keep and the consent form is retained by the researcher/s.

This study has been approved by the Western Sydney University Human Research Ethics Committee. The Approval number is H13139.


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