Strike video highlights


Thousands of NSW public system nurses and midwives went on strike on Wednesday July 24 to protest the imposition of a sub-standard Award by the state Government – an Award that completely refuses to extend or improve ratios and takes a compulsory superannuation raise off the small capped pay increase.

The main strike meeting was in Olympic Park Sydney with 17 regional webcasts – and smaller protest actions in some rural locations. We have the meetings highlights on video.

You can also see photos from the day by clicking on Look on the menu bar at the top of this Nurse Uncut page.

Watch the video below.


  1. As nurses we must all stand together to achieve safe patient ratios for all nurses & their patients no matter where they work in NSW. To accept any less is to compromise the hard-fought-for position we have already achieved in some NSW hospitals.
    We must not take a backward step at this critical time. We must be strong & resolute in our efforts to bring safe patient care to those in our hospitals & community.


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