Study: Registered nurses and complementary therapies


Do you feel confident talking to patients about their use of complementary therapies? Do you know where to access evidence-based information about complementary therapies?

helen_hall_3_1_copyDr Helen Hall, an academic and nurse based at Monash University, is conducting a study on the views of registered nurses currently employed in Australia on complementary therapies. Complementary therapies include natural products (herbal medicine, dietary supplements, etc) and mind and body practices (acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, meditation, yoga, etc.)

Participation in this anonymous survey will take around 15 minutes. Once you’ve finished answering the questions, you’ll be eligible to go into the draw to win an iPad mini.

Access the survey.

If you have questions about the research, please feel free to contact Helen on or tel: 03 9904 4120.

Alternatively you are welcome to contact the Executive Officer, Monash University Human Research Ethics, email:; tel: 03 9905 2052.


  1. This is a great survey to participate in. I did some time ago because I have an interest in complementary therapies, so it was natural for me to put my hand up. But this is a broad-based survey to see where all nurses are at. It’s not about whether nurses are interested in it. The survey wants all views so that there is an across the board picture.


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