The Newcastle Solution Is Working. Let’s Keep Our Streets Safe.

A meeting in Newcastle in 2008 as the community tried to address soaring assault rates in Newcastle. Source: Newcastle Herald

The facts are clear. The Newcastle Solution has been an outstanding success. NSW BOCSR figures between 2000 and 2015 show a dramatic 64% drop in non-domestic assaults in Newcastle.

We have avoided 6,000 serious assaults and injuries and we have a more vibrant nightlife for everyone to enjoy. There has been 110% increase in number licensed premises, we have more small bars and restaurants and the business community is stronger than ever.

But the NSW Government, at the request of the liquor industry, wants to put all this at risk by conducting a snap review of Newcastle’s liquor laws, watering them down which will likely lead to increased alcohol-related violence, injuries and deaths. No one wants to see this happen.

It’s important that Premier Berejiklian puts Newcastle community safety first and ends this review.

How do you feel about this review being undertaken? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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