Want To Get Fit? These Nurses Have A Plan For You


Tried everything under the sun but still struggling to get in shape? Wade and Louise are nurses from Wollongong who have brought the Galloway Method to Australia which could be the answer for you. And it caters to ALL levels of fitness. How good does that sound? Get involved today to be ready in time for the Sydney City2Surf in August! Find out more here.

The Galloway method was founded by the US Olympian Jeff Galloway. He developed the method as a way to allow beginners or experienced runners to run faster, smarter and injury free.

The method caters to multiple levels of fitness and running experience to allow everyone to join in. It makes sure your level is tailored to your program, so anyone can set a goal just for them, whether it be 5km, 10km, half and full marathon. All it takes is time and training (you can’t avoid that sorry!).

When implemented correctly, a run-walk-run program is an effective training method that can help you increase your fitness faster, recover from hard workouts quicker, and return from injury with less chance of relapse.

You will be set up with the virtual program with an initial assessment per the program and then create a program for you to achieve a distance goal, or event goal which is even more fun. If you can find a running buddy this will make the journey even better (partner, colleague, friend or family). If not, don’t worry! The end result is the same and you still train the same time and distances.

Each week you will be provided with the training schedule and a meeting with the virtual club will be organised via video conference to catch up, talk about progress and anything you might wish to discuss.

You will also become part of a closed Facebook group for members, so you are constantly connected and part of the team no matter where you are in Australia. Hopefully you might get a chance to join Wade and Louise in Wollongong for a weekend long run at some point!

Galloway (USA) has provided Galloway Australia with a 50% discount on an annual membership for the new program ($40)!

The current 30 week program is $300, however Galloway Australia would like to offer the program for only $150 – that’s only a coffee a week!. If you can find a running buddy Galloway Australia will extend the offer to both of you. They also normally offer a 50% discount on your next program if you introduce a new member but as a way of saying thank you, this would be waived! If you are interested in signing up, check out the website here: Galloway Australia. And while you’re ahead, check out the Facebook page here: Galloway Australia Facebook

Here are some key points to this method:

  • Every run is a combo of a run followed by a walk interval and repeat
  • The Magic Km time trial allows runners at all levels to participate and is essential to guide your individualised program
  • Interspersing intervals of walking and running, you can avoid injury and fatigue
  • Gives all runners control over fatigue
  • A smarter way to run by giving you cognitive control over each workout
  • Joining a group helps motivation


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