Top 5 essentials for every nurse


eNurse gives us their top 5 essentials for nurses and midwives before they start work! Read to the end for a special discount on their products.


The need for a good stethoscope goes without saying. But does a nurse really need a top-of-the-line stethoscope? Nurses agree that if you have some extra bucks to spend, a great stethoscope is a must! So which one is the best?

First of all, you’re better off avoiding those “Playskool” stethoscopes they try to sell you in nursing school. Be sure your stethoscope is specific to the clinical area you’re working in.

A Cardiology stethoscope has a dual-lumen which provides superior sound quality. The dual-lumen helps to minimise environmental sounds, keeping rubbing distortions away while enhancing the quality of the auscultated sounds. When listening for high frequency sounds, such as heart murmurs, it is essential to have a dual-lumen stethoscope or Cardiology style stethoscope.

At eNurse we carry Riverstone Medical® CAS III and the 3M Littmann Cardiology IV.

If you don’t require the sophistication of the dual-lumen cardiology stethoscopes, our elitecare® Dual Head (Lite) Stethoscope provides an exceptional and secure acoustic transmission, the chest piece of the stethoscope has an ultrasensitive diaphragm that is put in its design. It also has a large bell with a non-chill bell ring crowning. The lightweight design makes it very comfortable to carry. To view our full range click here.

Retractable Badge Holder

You’ll save precious minutes with these handy badge holders that are the perfect answer for easy, efficient swiping into locked door entries and time clocks.

Tip: When you’ve inevitably run out of pockets, try clipping a couple of badge holders to your hip.


A pen is not just a pen—not to nurses!

The perfect pen has these five nurse-friendly features:

• Writes nicely at an angle
• Doesn’t smear
• Doesn’t leak
• Has a cushioned grip or is a “fat” pen
• Comes in multiple colours including black, blue, red and green

Top it off with a good highlighter and you’re ready to hit those charts!


When shopping for nursing shoes, you can easily become overwhelmed with the options: walking/running shoes, dedicated nursing shoes, Crocs, Birks, dishwasher-friendly clogs. The list goes on and on. When you find the right ones, you’ll know, because they’ll have these three key features:

• Comfortable and supportive for up to 12 hours.
• Plenty of breathing room.
• Can withstand the wear and tear of your daily duties.

More shoe tips:

When to break up with your shoes and find a better pair: Pain in your feet, ankles, knees and/or back simply won’t do. The greatest investment you have as a nurse is your own health! You can find our range of shoes here.


The perfect pair of scrubs should be able to withstand wear and tear as well as be stain-free after a good washing.

They should also be loose-fitting for comfort, but the right size for your frame.

And although you’re wearing a uniform, don’t be afraid to pick scrubs that show a bit of your personality to keep your day fun.

Scrub pants: Something to be mindful of with drawstring pants or yoga style pants —make sure they sit nicely on or above your hips, preferably with a bit of elastic in the back. The last thing you want is to keep pulling up your pants throughout your shift,

Functional scrubs: A nurse has to keep multiple tools on his or her person at all times, so take advantage of scrubs that have multiple built-in pockets. Some pants come in a “cargo” style with extra pockets on the legs.

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