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There were several popular blogs on Nurse Uncut over the year. But these three in particular attracted a lot of comments. Did you read them? If not, we encourage you too now and leave your say in the comments section!

Return to Nursing? Not at $10,000!

We are forever being told, there is a ‘Nursing Shortage’, and both State and Federal Governments talk about getting nurses back to work…

Well, our new National Registration body is referring former Registered Nurses to a leading NSW supplier of Nurse Education to do an eight week “Assessment of Competence” course, which requires the nurse to work for 150 hours FOR NO WAGES.

And if that’s not outrageous enough: The cost is $10,000! 

Read the blog here.

The Future of the RN Series

RN and NSWNA member Jennifer Tuckwell, wrote a series for Nurse Uncut on ‘The Future of the RN’.

As a registered nurse of many years who has witnessed what I could only describe as ‘the erosion of the nursing role’, I have a need to question the path that the current education of nurses is taking us.

From what I am witnessing, and on examination of the current education on offer, I ask ‘why’ and does it meet, evidence based best- practice? I think not.

The inadequate clinical preparation and the underlying educational directive of specialisation for the undergraduate, is one of the reasons for the inability to retain our graduates. 

You can read the three part series here.

Frustration Over New National Registration – APHRA

Nurses have written to the NSW Nurses Association expressing their confusion over the new registration guidelines.

Confusion includes lengthly delays in renewing registration, frustration with the amount of paperwork necessary to be filed, and anger with delays in the returning of phone calls and emails.

As a response, we decided to do a series on the new National Registration guidelines discussing the changes and asking for feedback from our readers. You can read the series and feedback here.

Check out the blogs and leave your comments below!

Image credit: NSWNA

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