Voting for ratios: a video


The recent vote to endorse the NSWNMA’s draft log of claims for the 2013 Public Health System award was overwhelmingly in favour – 214 branches voted yes.

While the vote was underway, our intrepid film-maker was out and about capturing the views of members who had turned up to vote.

Watch the video below to hear from special care nursery, emergency, operating theatre, community and general ward nurses and midwives about the positive difference that ratios would make in their working day.

Sharny Fleming EN Goulburn Base Hospital.


  1. ANF WA has not addressed the issue of nurse/patient ratios but I understand that United Voice are in the process of doing so. If Enrolled Nurses (covered by United Voice) get a better deal than RNs, as has happened in the past, there will be a great deal of dissatisfaction. Congratulations on the great video.

  2. Attending NSWNMA HQ last week as retired nurses was a good reconnect. Took home approx 150 Ratios flyers, all delivered in my Merrylands area. So many to shop-business owners here 🙂 Good reception at my local medical clinics who now know what state Libs are about. As soon as you mention health, the ALP got blamed. I sure corrected them and they all then agreed 100% “Nurses must be retained ~ nurses are the best ~ we do it so well ~ NSW community must retain nurses!

    So it was rewarding to educate these great folks, many are my friends. Time well spent. Thanks to Brett and the Team at HQ. Overall input by Retired Nurses was not to return to work, but be able to mentor new grads and others, with an emphasis on wider language-based population. Had a good time.

  3. I’m all in favour of low ratios, but mark my word, every CEO or senior manager I have spoken to is preparing to look for data that there are quantifiable benefits to maintaining these ratios, and if there isn’t, or it is equivocal, it will see their demise.


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