Want To Become A Mental Health Nurse? Here’s How


“I had never considered a career in mental health nursing until I completed my mental health placement through university.” – Luke, Mental Health Nurse

Much like all nurses and midwives, mental health nurses come from many different walks of life with a variety of reasons for specialising. They might know someone who suffers from a mental illness, suffer from one themselves or want to strengthen their understanding of mental health. Whatever their reason, attaining a Master of Mental Health Nursing is one of the best ways to make an impact.

Top three reasons to study a Master of Mental Health Nursing

  1. Change in career but remain a nurse
    Becoming an expert in the field of mental health can expand your career opportunities as more importance is placed on nurses to undertake complex roles. Mental health is a growing issue and highly skilled mental health nurses will be required to ensure patients receive the best care.
  1. Help remove the stigma of mental illness
    A great number of individuals (nurses included) in our society are impacted by mental illnesses and it’s our responsibility as nurses to advocate on their behalf for a better life and to crush the stigma surrounding mental illness. Mental health nurses are at the front line when it comes to driving this change and you could be a part of that.
  1. 100% online courses
    You can now study a Master of Mental Health Nursing entirely online! These courses fit perfectly for shift workers who don’t have the time to physically visit a university and allow you to connect with other students from all over Australia, sharing tips and networking with potential future colleagues.

If you don’t know anyone who is a mental health nurse, it might be a good idea to have a chat with colleagues or friends who have studied any kind of Master of Nursing before. They could have invaluable experiences to share and encourage you to take the extra step in your career.

Going back to study might seem daunting, but don’t forget, we spend our entire lives learning. From your last day at university right up until the day you retire, you’re unofficially doing mental assignments and tests every single day! So why not make it official and get some recognition?

Want to find out more about where you can study? There are a number of online education providers that offer part-time degrees in nursing over 24 months. Find one that’s right for you and your career development.


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