“We need adequate ratios to avoid getting burnt out” – Aged Care Nurse


There was an overwhelming response to a story we shared recently about violence in aged care, with many nurses sharing their similar stories. Here is another nurse’s experience where they highlight the need for staffing ratios in aged care.

Ensuring safe nurse-to-patient ratios in Aged Care will make a huge difference to the lives of many nurses, residents and their families. Tell us your aged care story here.

Yes! I can relate to a lot of what that nurse wrote in that article.

At the moment I work as a carer pending my registration. I mostly get verbal abuse, condescending remarks and constantly miss my own breaks trying to provide patient-centred care…

Despite being a patient and compassionate nurse, some residents are so rude that lately I have been seriously questioning if aged care is for me. Yes, they suffer from dementia and related illnesses but nurses and carers should not be treated as punching bags for their frustration.

The general public and government don’t realise how hard it is to work within this environment. At the very least, we need adequate ratios or to have shorter shifts to avoid getting burned out.

The NSWNMA Report into Elder Abuse in Residential Aged Care found 90% of staff have been subject to some form of aggression from residents and 61% fear repercussions if they report the abuse.

If you have an experience you’d like to share, please get in touch here: nurseuncut@nswnma.asn.au. Whether it was something that occurred in a single shift or about you’re entire career so far, we want to know.


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