Weird or what? The Number 23 (just for a bit of fun)


I just noticed a post in the ‘Talk‘ section, referring to numbers. I made a response about the number 23.

But I then started thinking a bit more about it, and decided to Google the number

Jim Cary plays a man totally obsessed by the number 23 - you can just see it written all over his face !! 23.

Wow! I never realised just how much there is written on this subject. The number 23 is everywhere, and throughout the history of the mankind.

If you’ve got some time to spare, have a look at some of the material available on this unusual topic. It’s on par with the date of 21st. December 2012 – the end of the Mayan calender.

I love ‘conspiracy’ theories. But why have NASA not publicly announced, they are tracking a large astoroid heading for Earth – due to closely pass us on 21st. December 2012?  (How closely?)


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  1. Anybody catch that TV show on the other night? The one about a serial killer, who lived in unit 23 of No. 23 XYZ road …….

    He killed 23 people, oddly enough.

    ( posted on the 07.02.11 – 7 + 2 +11 = 20 + 3 for day, month & year = 23 )

  2. Congratulations to former Australian Prime Minister, The Hon. John Howard, who is now one of 23 exclusive members of HM The Queen’s personal club – The Order of Merit. ( Queen’s New Year Honours list, 2012 ) what’s that? ….. 20 +1+2 = 23 ???

    The monarch is the 24th. member.

    The number 23 in the news again …..

  3. Maybe there’s something in the number 11 ?

    Certainly when it comes to ‘disasters’ …

    11 people die in a Nursing Home fire ( November 2011 ).
    11 people die in a hot air balloon accident ( January 2012 ).
    11 people die ( at present count ) in cruise ship disaster ( January 2012 ).

    Odd that the most recent high profile disasters have each killed 11 people …


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