When Can You Afford To Retire From Nursing?

 Oh, this is going to be hard to discuss!

I know that I will still be working away, week after week, month after month, until I’m around 70.

Will you have enough to retire on?
Will you have enough to retire on?

I’ve still got twenty years to go (so I won’t say how old I am – you work it out!)

We all have our financial commitments, and some of us have more than others, to include raising children, or looking after aged relatives, and that damned mortgage!

So, how long do you think you will need to stay in the workforce for?

Are some of you thinking of leaving nursing in your later working years, to continue working on in less stressful jobs? Tell us where you may see yourself going…

Are some of you thinking, it’s just going to be too hard to keep working as a nurse, when you’re over 60, 65, or even 70 years old? Are you thinking of just resigning one day, ‘out of the blue’, should it all get too hard?

Come on guys, this is ‘just for fun’, let us all know what you think about nursing in the your future years. The reality is, can any of us really retire at 55 or 60? I know how much is in my super account – NOT ENOUGH!


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  1. Well I am just about ready to turn 50 next month and my life is just starting again as the first 50 years were trial and error process. I imagine I will be working till I am about 80 if I last that long:)


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