Why Don’t People Go To Anniversaries?


Hello again one and all!

Gordo signing on, with a question that’s been bugging me for some time !! 

Why don’t people go to nursing school anniversaries?


Think of your Nursing school (university),  has a significant milestone passed, such as your tenth or even twentieth year out of university, and did you go to an anniversary meeting of your peers?

I know my group hasn’t got together again (well, I think they haven’t).

I read the ‘Reunions’ section of The Lamp every month, and I rarely see an anniversary meeting of uni. grads. I never see anything in the local papers, and nobody at any of my employment locations has ever shown interest in meeting up with ‘old’ friends again. They’re all too busy with their lives…. so they tell me!

I have has some success with finding my former high school buddies, through other social networking websites, and that has been great. However, nothing for ‘nursing’ school colleagues.

I wonder why? Can anybody tell me about THEIR experience at a Nursing reunion?

Why don’t people like going to anniversaries?

Image credit: John K

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