Why have our nurses stayed in nursing?


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See why some of our nurses, through all the trials and tribulations, have stayed with nursing.

“It’s a fulfilling career. Because of the world’s demand for nurses, NURSING maintains to be a secure job in most countries. It allowed me to travel, explore & discover other cultures. And most importantly, as a noble profession, the true fulfillment comes when you know that you’ve rendered love and care selflessly to a complete stranger.”

“Because each day I go home feeling like in some small way I have helped at least one person. Weather it is a clean bed, assistance to walk to the bathroom or a shoulder to cry on. Someone feels better due to the attention they recieve from me. Even the flower in my hair makes someone smile!”

“I love knowing I have made a difference for a patient. . I like knowing I have helped relieve someones pain or some aspect of their ailment and understanding their care. Its definately not for the money! but that also means that we have a workforce committed to people, not the pay at the end of the day!”

“I went into nursing ’cause I admire them so,
The impact they have, I’d like to echo,
And though I know there will be highs and then lows,
I went into nursing ’cause I have something to show!”

“I never thought about becoming a nurse until I wanted a career change, becaming an EEN was the best thing I ever did! Over the years I get to go home knowing that no matter how busy or stressful my day is, it is often far worse for the patient. Helping a patient through the good and bad gives me the greatest job satisfaction. Not many jobs have such diversity and educational opportuinites. There is no other job like it in the world, I love it so much.”

“I’ve stayed with Nursing because it has enabled me to journey deeply and broadly in understanding what it means to live a human life. By encouraging compassion, common sense and communication in all of life’s situations, inside and outside “nursing”, it has given me gratitude, joy and laughter.”

Image credit: NSWNA

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  1. I love all aspects of nursing meeting interesting people, making people worse off than I am have a moment of happiness with a funny comment or just holding their hand in their final breath. Although sometimes things are sad, many great things happen everyday. I would not think of doing anything else.


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