Workers Compensation – You SHOULD Be Covered, Right?


We have to work. And accidents happen. Should you get hurt at work, you expect to get paid until you get better. You definitely expect that any medical bills arising from your injury will be covered.

Under the O’Farrell Government’s proposed changes to workers compensation, you cannot count on this.

Under the O’Farrell Government’s proposed changes to workers compensation:

  • your pay will drop while you are recovering
  • if you can’t recover quickly enough, medical bills and weekly payments will be cut off completely
  • you won’t be covered on the way to and from work.

The only people these changes will benefit are the insurance companies. Workers compensation is about knowing that a single freak accident out of your control won’t ruin your life. And won’t put your family at risk.

Everyone in NSW deserves that.

Workers compensation is too important. Don’t let them get away with it. Say no to cuts to workers compensation in NSW. Join us at Parliament House, Macquarie St, Sydney, on Wednesday June 13 at 12.30pm.

Download the flier here!

Image credit: NSWNA

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