You’re invited to our Health Week Twitter party!


This Friday lunchtime, we’re throwing a Health Week Twitter party for Australian nurses and midwives*.

How does a party work? Between 11am-2pm AEST, we’ll be tweeting about our experience within the health system – how the cuts are tying our hands and affecting our ability to give the best care we could. Go to I Care and I vote to read about the issues that matter to nurses and midwives.

Election Insert_001smallThe party’s happening under the hashtag #healthelection16. So put that into every tweet you send out. Click on that hashtag to see what everyone else has written – if you keep an eye on it you can respond to other tweets and keep the conversation going.

Remember to keep it civil and not to breach any privacy, but do talk about the impact on you as a nurse or midwife when there aren’t enough staff or resources and when primary care programs are being cut. Tell us about the cuts in your area of work or your geographical area. Ask questions, share info, put it out there that you care and you vote!

Here are some examples of recent tweets:

@nswnma: Cuts already affecting nurses’ ability to give safe patient care #healthelection16 #ausvotes

@Where has the money gone? @TurnbullMalcolm Not put back in2 anything. We only see & feel cuts to everything public.

@CPSA: This is happening in Tasmania now. The consequences are disastrous.

@MalurusSally: Coalition cut funding for preventative programs-not surprising, Nationals voted against Plain packaging.

@KatrinaKlee: Fiscal constraints are having a direct impact on safe pt care. It’s happening in your backyard…right now

@Team WTF: The LNP says it stands for families while ripping the guts out of the public health system. #ausvotes 

*Not on Twitter? All you need is a smartphone. Download the Twitter app, set up your account (use any name you like), search for and follow @nurseuncut and @anmfbetterhands and your local nurse/midwife union (such as @nswnma) to get started. 



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