“You’re only a nurse” – What Nurse Jan has to say


Have you ever been told that you are “just a nurse”? Nurse Jan* has! And here’s what she had to say to everyone who thinks that she is “just a nurse”.

A few days ago I had the “you are only a nurse” experience. I came home a bit shattered that I was dismissed. As a seasoned “only a nurse,” I felt flattened.

So let me tell you what an “only a nurse” does:

We attend to the most personal care.

We hold you when you have given up.

We are your voice when you can’t speak.

We watch you when you think no-one’s looking.

We think about you when our shift is over. 

We hold your loved ones when you can’t.

We hold you when it’s nearly over.

We never forget you.

I’m ok with being just a nurse. It’s an honour.

*A pseudonym has been used to protect the author’s identity.


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